Hawkeye Cat Show 2/8/2020

Zhara and Tango earn Champion titles

Zhara won 2nd best short Hair

Zhara was awarded 2nd best short hair at the Hawkeye Cat show on 2/8/2020. She also was awarded:

  • 1st in her division 6 of 6 rings
  • Best of breed 4 of 6 rings
  • Best of color 3 of 6 rings
  • Champion of breed 4 of 6 rings

Tango Awarded Spectators 2nd Favorite cat

Tango was voted the Spectators 2nd favorite cat at the Hawkeye cat show 2/8/2020. He beat out 160 cats and was 2 votes behind 1st place. His other awards include 1st in his division, Best of Breed in 2 rings, Breed Champion in 2 rings and Best of color in one ring.

Show news:

Luna and Skye attended and competed in the Great Lakes Friends of Felines Cat Show in Arlington Height, Illinois in March.  The three day cat show held 15 rings with cats from around North America.  

Skye competed in the New Traits division as Blue is a color that TICA does not recognize at this time. Skye’s head structure and ears we admired by the Judges as well as her clouded rosettes.  Skye showed off in the ring as her glittered coat sparked! Purring the whole time 🙂  I was really proud of her and she educated spectators, breeders and judges about blue bengals.  She placed 1st in Color and First in Division in all 15 rings.  

Luna competed in the short haired kitten class.  Her first show was a great experience.  In the snow color class & division she was in 1st place in all 15 rings. Competing with all bengal kittens she was awarded 1st 8 times, 2nd 4 times and 3rd 3 times in the 15 rings.  The spectators were so admiring of her color, glittered coat and rosettes.  She was a favorite leaving the ring as we were stopped several times in the three days and asked to talk with those watching.  They loved her silky coat and blue eyes.

Our three day adventure together was a so fun.  My favorite part was talking to all of the other breeders as we made fast friends.  Luna and Skye’s favorite part was the hotel room! Somewhere new for them to explore and a great reward at the end of the day.

Our next Cat Show will be the end of May.  Luna and Skye will be old enough to compete in the adult class and earn points for titles.  Priya will join us and compete in the kitten class. I am hopeful that Skjeie will come as well.  Skjeie’s Mother was a triple grand  champion and her father was a champion.  So I am excited to get her int he ring to compete as an adult.