Available Kittens & Reservations

We are now reserving for Spring 2021

Breeding plans for Spring 2021 and status:

  • Luna and Leo – Seal Lynx or Charcoal Seal Lynx / 2 reservations *pregnancy confirmed
  • Nila and Leo – Seal Mink and Charcoal Mink / 3 reservation *pregnancy confirmed
  • Skye and Tango – Brown and Blue / 3 reservations *pregnancy confirmed
  • Priya and Tango – brown and charcoal brown / 4 reservations
  • Zhara and Tango – brown / 7 reservations

Individual photos of the queens and kings can be seen below

As of 8/12/2020, due to high demand, the waitlist for brown kittens has changed. Individuals who already reserved a spot for a particular litter will retain their spot on their waitlist. New reservations after 8/12/2020 will be based on a specific color. To get on the Brown kitten waitlist, complete our reservation process and you will have a space reserved to pick a brown kitten. When your pick number comes up you may pick from the brown kittens available. The names below reserved after 8/12/2020 and are also listed with their litter of preference (Priya, Zhara or Skye).

  • Karissa
  • Mike L
  • Mike L
  • Kathy L
  • Allison and Cody

For reserving blue, charcoal, seal lynx, seal mink, seal sepia or charcoal snows, follow the same procedure and specify the litter/queen of choice.

Contact us for specific information about our cattery or kitten information.

7% Local Sales Tax will added to the pet price.

our reservation process

  • Fill out a kitten application
  • Place a kitten deposit (applied to the price of your kitten)
  • Complete a deposit

Due to extreme popularity of the bengal breed, kittens may be purchased/reserved before visitation is allowed after the kittens are 8 weeks old.

  • All future planned litters are expected in Spring 2021.
  • Kittens go home at 12 – 14 weeks old

Updates available on our Facebook page -Wild Prairie Rose Cattery.  Search for us @wildprairierosebengals 

LISTINGS for Current planned litters:

Luna and Leo

Luna and Leo – Spring 2021

Luna and Leo – Seal Lynx and Charcoal Seal Lynx kittens are expected.

  1. Sarah S.
  2. Sara P.

Skye and Tango

Skye and Tango: Blue and brown kittens are expected with this litter. Photos below.

  1. Ruthe and Dave
  2. Anya
  3. Karissa

Pryia and Tango – Reservations

Pryia and Tango – Spring 2021

Brown and Charcoal Brown kittens are expected.

  1. Amy N.
  2. Marissa and Mila
  3. Kathy L.
  4. Allison and Cody

Priya Brown Charcoal Queen and Tango Brown King

Zhara Brown Queen and Tango Brown King

Zhara and Tango -Spring 2021

Brown kittens expected.

  1. Jolene
  2. Chad
  3. Alicia R.
  4. Anya J.
  5. Karissa K.
  6. Mike L.
  7. Mike L.

Nila and Leo

Seal Mink and Charcoal Seal Mink kittens expected.

  1. Haley H.
  2. Anita S.
  3. Haley H.

Queen: Nila Ni Cha – Blue Sepia and King: Leo Seal Lynx

Photos by J Dolge Photography