Available Adults

Our Adults are retired from breeding between 3 and 4 years of age. We want our breeding cats to move on to their best life and forever home sooner than the average cattery. We appreciate their hard work for us, their love and companionship.

Pending Sale: Savanna – Seal Mink Female Spayed

Savanna has turquoise eyes and super thick, soft coat with paw print rosettes. She is very loving and loves to snuggle. Savanna would do well in a home where she is the sole pet. She never was breed as she did not go into heat. She is 3 and 1/2 years old, up to date on her shots and has a microchip that can be transferred. $1,000.

Rio and Coco

Rio is a Seal Mink. Coco is a Charcoal Seal Mink. I would like them to go together as they are companions and best buddies! Both love to snuggle on the couch with us, sleep at the foot of our bed and are interacting with us all day long.

Rio is 4 years old, neutered, up to date on shots, has a transferable microchip and was retired in 2020. His coat has a rich depth of color, arrow and paw print rosettes. $1,000

Coco is 3 and 1/2 years old and was retired the summer of 2019. Her rosettes are large open pancake rosettes, since she is a charcoal she has a face mask, goggles and a cape. Green eyes. She is spayed, up to date on her shots and has a transferable microchip. $1,000

Coco and Rio have been inseparable since their were kittens.